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Member Benefits

Member Benefits – Communications Section

The Communications Section is looking to attract representatives from the full spectrum of fire service communications – large and small, fire/EMS, police/fire, local, state, federal, and industrial agencies.  This includes line dispatchers, training officers, supervisors, communication center managers, and chief officers to participate in the group.  Meetings will be held quarterly at different locations throughout the CFCA Northern  area.

Currently, in association with the Southern Division Communications Section, we have drafted a Fire Service Communications Dispatcher Training Manual and curriculum and are working with the State Fire Marshal’s office to have it adopted as a voluntary baseline standard of training [Fire Dispatcher 1] for fire service dispatchers throughout the state.  We also actively monitor legislation that is introduced and advise the California Fire Chiefs Association legislative section on bills that affect fire communications centers and secondary PSAPs.

Participation with the Communications Section will give your agency a voice in the constantly changing environment of fire service communications.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit our registration page.